What is CBD?

Sep 26, 2019 | CBD Info

The CBD market is booming, Products with cannabidiol content are enjoying increasing popularity. Whether CBD oils, CBD creams, CBD beauty products or superfood, Whispering Winds Naturals can has an array of products to choose from.

What is CBD anyway?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is an active ingredient of the plant cannabis sativa (hemp). In addition to the much more famous substance THC, CBD is one of the most common substances of female hemp. The medicinal hemp plant was used 5000 years ago. Now, however, the use reaches a new peak. And the development is just starting.

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be obtained from a cannabis or marijuana plant and represent the antagonist to the active ingredient THC. Strikingly, it is referred to as the “good drug,” whereas THC is the “worse.” In contrast to THC, CBD is hardly psychoactive and does not “high” and does not lead to an intoxicating effect.

As studies by the WHO show, CBD is probably not dependent. Recent studies would also demonstrate that the therapeutic effect of CBD may also be suitable for use in patients with epilepsy and similar conditions.

With CBD, however, the consumer receives medically valuable effects. Products containing CBD have a calming, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory action. Both humans and animals can use cannabidiol.

CBD oils are used, for example, for medical purposes or as dietary supplements, and there are also cosmetic products that are mixed with CBD (i.e. CBD goat milk lotion).

How can the effect of CBD be explained?

CBD medications (and also THCs) have always been in vogue with doctors because of their sometimes therapeutic effects. However, the mode of action of cannabinoids CBD and THC are different and must not be confused.

CBD is not an intoxicant and therefore hardly psychoactive. So it does not make you dependent. It would be wrong to say that this is a 100% non-psychoactive substance. Cannabidiol is also used to prevent panic attacks, and also in a stressful situation, CBD helps the body to relax.

Did you know already?

Our body even produces its cannabinoids in the so-called endocannabinoid system. This system is involved in processes that affect mood, pain, appetite, and other cognitive functions. At the receptors of that particular system, CBD is now establishing itself, where it can prevent the release of adrenaline or stress hormones which relieves stress. In addition, free radicals are trapped, which can bring about additional stress reduction.

Thus, it can be said that CBD is not as psychoactive as THC, but it can influence the psyche in some way anyway, but rather in a positive sense.

What is CBD used for?

CBD products are used for a variety of purposes. It can be used, for example, to control inflammatory processes, but also has a relaxing effect.

The list is long, CBD may:

  • Elevate Mood*
  • Aid in improved sleep*
  • Help with skin problems*
  • Serve also as a nutritional substitute (CBD capsules, CBD oils, etc.)
  •  And much more!

It is also interesting that CBD has a calming and relaxing effect on the body during “normal” nervousness. For example, the intake of CBD oil is conceivable for people with the fear of flying before a long journey. CBD then relieves the anxiety or nervous feeling.

Is CBD dependent or intoxicating?

CBD itself – as you already know by now – does not make you dependent. This is one reason why already processed CBD products with a maximum THC content of 0.3% can be legally purchased.

But what about CBD and THC combined? The combination would have the advantage that enables the consumer to feel both the benefits of the drug CBD and those of THC. THC is also used to treat patients with severe pain (but prescription).

CBD in Sleep Disorders – Does It Help?

According to various studies, CBD should also lead to better sleep in people who suffer from chronic pain. But of course, not only pain is the only reason for sleepless nights. Our sleep can be influenced by anxiety or stress. Also, at this point, CBD oils can help. Because the cannabidiol should affect the sleep cycle and thereby support our deep sleep phase.

There are many indications that CBD promotes healthy and restful sleep, with positive effects on depression, panic attacks, or prevention of high blood pressure and muscle relaxant effects.

What are the CBD products available on you site?

Because of the big boom in the CBD industry, we are coming to the market with more and more products.

Whispering Winds carries CBD oils, capsules, beauty, pain, salves and many more products. We even make special CBD remedies for our pet lovers. And that is just the beginning.


As you can see, the topic of CBD and CBD products is very big and at the same time very new. That is why it is still quite difficult to conclude a definite conclusion on this matter.

It will probably have to wait for the next development of the products and always follow the legal debate to make a final vote on CBD. But the fact is that the market is growing rapidly and the demand for such products will continue to increase in the future.

CBD is particularly promising because of its versatile effects and seems to have few side effects. New studies will inform us bit by bit about CBD in the future.

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